“In the past, I tried diet and exercise. However, I ran 4-5 miles a day, 4-6 times a week for four months to get the results I did with Vitality Healthcare, on my 10-week program. The HCG injections worked wonders for me! I didn’t have enough hours in the day to plan for my wedding, work full time and commit to so many hours at the gym. The weekly meeting with my coach, along with her feedback helped me stay accountable. I’ve always been a yo-yo dieter. The last 10 years my weight has fluctuated. My problem was that I didn’t know how to eat for my body’s physiology. This program helped me restart my metabolism. I’ve been re-programmed and I feel fantastic! I have more confidence and energy, I’ve adapted healthier and smarter eating habits, reduced inflammation of my ecxema (the program taught me which foods trigger inflammation) and I can sleep through the whole night!”



Prior to coming to Vitality Medical Weight Loss I had tried Weight Watchers and Atkins. Although I saw some success, it was not a permanent solution. With Vitality Medical Weight Loss and the HCG protocol, I have been able to not only lose the weight but keep it off and have learned lifestyle changes that will help to keep it off once and for all.

I have struggled with my weight since childhood but feel with the counseling sessions and the helpful tips that I finally have control over my body.

Since beginning the program and losing the weight, I feel better about the way that I look and moving is so much easier and less painful.

But the best result is that i am off of all my blood pressure medications.

This program was tough in the beginning but became much easier. The end result is that it is totally worth it. – Albert R.

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After trying Weight Watchers and the 21 Day Vegan Fix with little result, I found Vitality Medical Weight Loss. This program was different right from the beginning. The structure and protocols for eating made it easier to plan and prepare food in advance to prevent grabbing convenience food and cheating. I have more energy, my eating habits are much better and I have made exercising a priority. I followed the program exactly and it worked. I have lost 26 pounds at present and I’m still losing. Plan ahead, set goals and make healthy eating a lifestyle change.

Fat be gone

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After struggling with my weight after my hysterectomy, I finally found a plan that worked. I have lost 42 pounds and too many inches to count. I am the happiest woman on the planet. I highly recommend Vitality Medical Weight Loss!

Vitality Medical Weight Loss Works

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Over the years I have tried Medical Weight Loss, Jenny Craig, Zones, Nutrisystem and low fat protocols with little success. With this program I didn't have to buy food from the office, I could eat real food. I was held accountable with daily weight checks and weekly counseling, Best of all I was never hungry. I have struggled with my weight since I was 12 and this is the first plan that worked and continues working. Since starting the program, I already have more energy. I am also able to fit back into clothes from 6 years ago. My advice to anyone struggling with weight is to take it one day at a time and know that the staff at Vitality will be there to support you. BB